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How Green Juice Helps Protect Against Cancer?

Turn on the TV or open a news app these days and it won’t take long for a story about cancer to appear. It’s a pity that these stories focus mostly on the illness and its impacts and avoid discussing prevention and protection. So we decided to pick up the slack and tell you what green superfood juice can do for cancer and avoiding it.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

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Cancer is ‘the Emperor of all maladies’ according to author Siddhartha Mukherjee. Each year millions of people the world over are diagnosed with this life changing and potentially life ending diagnosis. Sadly, there is no cure.But there is plenty we know we can do to reduce our chances of developing cancer. To date, modern medicine has spent tens of billions of dollars on researching cures,developing treatments and trying to get a step ahead of this debilitating disease. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. Especially when it’s delicious.

Add a scoop of green superfood powder supplement daily to green juice. This seemingly simple concoction has many athletes, doctors and scientists swearing by its preventative properties and healing benefits.

Cancers Like Acidic Environments

Cancer cells thrive in an acidic, inflammatory and oxygen deprived environment. It’s no coincidence that heavy consumption of many processed and chemically enriched foods is associated with developing cancer. They are terribly acidic.

By choosing an anti-cancer food like green juice, we begin to take back power and control. Raw, whole foods are alkaline – especially green vegetables and fruits – and they help make your body a less hospitable place for cancer’s cells to develop.

It’s simple. Each day juice or blend green vegetables and fruits together (there are tons of recipes online) and add a scoop of green superfood powder with its outstanding nutritional ingredients.

Most Cancer Patients Don’t Get Optimum Nutrition

Whether patients are sick because they’re malnourished or they’re malnourished because they’re sick, green juice is always good.

Good nutrition is the first line of defense against most illnesses. While it might be presumptuous to say that green juice cures cancer, we can say with great confidence that, unlike a lot of processed, preservative-laden food, it doesn’t cause it. Some studies have shown that patients undergoing intense cancer treatments respond much better and have a higher rate of remission when their program is coupled with a healthy, raw food diet, often including plenty of green juice and superfood powder.

Natural Cancer Fighting Properties

Many natural, raw foods contain inherent cancer fighting properties – none more than dark green, leafy vegetables. Spinach, romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, mustard greens, kale, collard greens, chicory and Swiss chard all contain fiber, folate and carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin. According to many prominent studies, carotenoids have proven highly effective in the prevention of certain cancers.

And most of them are key ingredients in a good superfood supplement powder.

Get Juicing and Supplementing

When we cook those green, leafy vegetables, many vital minerals and nutrients are diminished. Juicing and smoothies will keep all those good things in. Even better is boosting the green juice with a superfood supplement. It’s not only a great way to promote overall health, but its cancer-fighting properties might even save your life.

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