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As evidenced by several studies, music and audio can have a profound effect on our emotions and deliver a variety of health advantages. It can help us study or concentrate, make us feel better, or help us relax when things are tough. An app called is designed to take advantage of this.


brain fm

It is essentially a music player with a selection of audio tracks developed by’s unique artificial intelligence. Rather than just any music, this is music based on the most recent neuroscience and cognitive studies. Even the National Science Foundation has given the company a funding to explore how music might aid concentration. In the words of the team,

You’ll find that our music is tailored to your specific needs.” To find out what works, we do experiments.”

Listeners can use’s music to accomplish three specific goals.

  • The ability to focus or concentrate one’s attention.
  • Relaxation or contemplation can be achieved by either of these methods.
  • or Taking a Short Nap

Relax and let the music take care of the rest for you. They say that’s music can have an effect within 10 or 15 minutes. I think it’s going to be a hit!

What do you think? Is it a scam? Using requires a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription cost. There is a free plan, but it’s more of a short-term demonstration than a long-term option. After five free sessions, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to a premium subscription if you want to keep using the software.

For the past six months, I’ve been utilizing on a monthly subscription basis. Let me know what you think about the app and whether or not you think it’s worth paying for.

Learn more Here: Brain fm Reviews

My Experiment

Let me tell you a bit about myself… You can easily get me off track. I have a hard time “getting into the zone” and concentrating long enough to complete a task. “Focus” was the first category of music I discovered on after hearing about it from a friend who was using it to help them sleep. Exactly what I needed.

HOLY COW, the free session worked. The time it took me to go “into the zone” was significantly shorter than in the past. As my concentration and focus skyrocketed, I felt like I had just discovered a best-kept secret. Distractions became a non-issue. My brain felt energized, and I was able to think and function more effectively as a result!

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