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5 Benefits of Avocado Leaves For Health

Benefits of Avocado Leaves – Almost everyone knows this one fruit. fruit that shaped like a pear, but green, it is very typical of the large round seeds. No middle and light green flesh does have a distinctive taste Avocado or better known as the avocado has become one of the favorites of society.

Avocado itself is often used as a beverage, food and even to treat the beauty. But do you know if the leaves of avocado also have many benefits? Yes, the benefits of avocado leaves, especially to human health is not as famous as his benefit.But do not underestimate the efficacy of avocado leaves.

Therefore, avocado leaves can be used as traditional medicine for your illness, The following are some of the properties of avocado leaves taken from Wikipedia. And one of the benefits of avocado leaves is able to eliminate kidney stones. This is because the avocado leaves have anti lithiasis intention is able to inhibit the formation of kidney stones.

Benefits of avocado leaves


1. Overcoming pain
Have you problems with your waist? Waist sick very rnengganggu daily activities, Try using avocado leaves as medicine, take 5 pieces of avocado leaves and boil in 2 cups water to boil and reserving about 1 cup of water. Once filtered, let it evaporate overnight and drink this concoction regularly during the week.

2. High blood pressure To lower your blood pressure, washed 3 leaves of avocado. After the leaves coarsely chopped avocado, input into a hot water like you brew tea. Cool first, then strain and drink the potion three times a day.

3. Overcoming Asthma If you suffer from asthma, maybe avocado leaves could be a solution. The trick boiled 7 leaves of avocado in 3 cups of water and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Wait until the water is boiling and the remaining half. After filtered avocado leaves, avocado leaf herb drinks before bed and while warm.

4. Overcoming stiff Avocado leaves can also treat stiff. How to boil 9 avocado leaves along with turmeric that has been chopped and leaves enter the 3 cups of water. Add palm sugar and salt in the stew. After the water remaining half, then lift the filter so that the waste is separated. Drink this concoction regularly before you sleep so stiff you lost.

5. Coping with abdominal pain and dysentery To overcome dysentery abdominal pain and you only need to prepare 5 g of avocado leaves, turmeric root 6 g, 5 g of root retrieval rabbits, and 6 g of leaves of Centella Asiatica. Then pour all the ingredients earlier with 115 ml of hot water. Drinking water is steeping inonce daily routine.

What is your opinion? Benefits of avocado leaves was not inferior to his right? After reading a few reviews on the top, you can apply the avocado leaves for some health problems, so you can reduce the medicines are made from chemicals. Surely natural remedy would be safer than drugs chemistry. Hope it is useful.

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